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Bitlife Life Simulator

Why should you play Bitlife Life Simulator?

Do you want to play a simulation game about human life? Play now Bitlife Life Simulator to have directional choices to see what life will be like in the future.

Bitlife Life Simulator is based on real life and simulated in the game. When playing this game people will make decisions in their lifetime. Events will take place in sequence until death. This is not just an entertaining game. This will also be something that will help children shape their future decisions and better understand the world and its cycle. In particular, players will be able to share each other's lives in the game with new friends through social networking sites and expand understanding and relationships.

Human life in Bitlife Life Simulator

In the whole game Bitlife Life Simulator you just need to click to complete a person's life. Four basic stats of health, happiness, attractiveness, and intelligence will be assigned to each character in the game. Try to balance all four. First, you will be a newborn baby in the womb. You will choose to go to the hospital and have a successful birth in safety. Living with parents and raising leisurely until the age of 18. This is a big turning point in everyone's life. Some people choose to go to school, some go to work, some start up or you drop out and play around with temptations. Going to school, you can choose to work part-time to earn money or be a bookworm in the library. With spoiled children being seduced, it is possible to fall into the path of addiction, illness, and illness. No money and started stealing and getting caught. At this point, your four stats are all down. Not going to school does not have intelligence, and smoking affects health and attractiveness. If you stop playing at the right time, you should also find more love for yourself and increase the value of happiness. Together build a small family and keep your nest from being interrupted by others. Play now and use clicks to make decisions to see how your life will turn out.