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What is BoxRob?

A forklift is a specialized cargo truck in BoxRob. Try to control the forklift and move the cargo box to the appropriate position in the truck.

This is a game with cars but not racing cars. At BoxRob, there is only one truck and one forklift. Your task is to help the other forklift skillfully lift the goods and fall into the right marked position in the truck compartment. It will have many levels for you corresponding to the distance to get the box, there will be more and more obstacles through each level. The car will need to climb the steps, will have to jump avoid danger, and collect gold stars to be appreciated.

How to play BoxRob

Control left and right by holding down the arrow keys or A/D. If you want the forklift to jump up the steps, use the W key or the up arrow. After you have reached the place where the box is located, left-click to get the box and run to the truck compartment. Go to the marked position and click again to release the box. Once the box is in its proper place ready for transport, go out and the truck will automatically go and pull the container away. So you have passed the level and the number of stars you collect will evaluate your level.