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Cat Doctor

Become a veterinarian

Try to be a veterinarian in Cat Doctor and examine the cats. You find diseases and take care and give them medicine to keep them healthy and get gold stars.

You love pets and especially cute cats. You feel very worried if you see sick and injured cats. So you play now Cat Doctor to transform into a veterinarian and take care of each cat one by one. The game has many levels and each level is a different disease condition. There will be sick children, injured children needing bandages, etc. You take turns healing them, leveling up, and getting stars. What could be better than seeing your own hands make the cats healthy again, right?

Treatment for cats

Your clinic will be full of feline patients waiting. You will examine each cat in turn, corresponding to a different level in the game. Each cat has a different medical condition. Having a child you need to give medicine and rest. One of the children was seriously injured and had to pick up pieces of sterilized wood, bandages, etc. There is a lot of work you need to do. Observe the condition of the cat patient and choose the right medicine and treatment with mouse clicks on each wound. Then you need to feed them to quickly recover. After the cat is completely healthy, it will high-five and repay you with stars. Quickly treat the cats to recover quickly and become a good doctor.