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Cookie Clicker City

Intro Cookies Clicker City

Join Cookies Clicker City to build a candy city of your own. Click and create lots of cakes to upgrade and build your city to thrive with people and buildings.

When you just enter Cookies Clicker City you will see a huge cake and an empty island. You will need to click on the cake to create the cake. This is a land of cookies so everything needs a cake to solve. The empty island next to you is yours. You now own a land of your own. Make lots of cakes to become rich and help your city grow.

City Construction Process

In the first journeys, you need to manually click to create cakes. At that time, you were poor, your land was wild and there was nothing. So try your best to produce cakes as much as possible. After you have earned quite a bit, upgrade and buy more mice to automatically create cakes even when you are not playing. Next is to buy houses, people, trees, etc for your city. Don't think of it as a waste, everything in your city will participate in the baking for you. Of course, everything has also been upgraded to help create products faster. Your city in Cookies Clicker City has five different growth stages. From the most primitive times to the modern boom. You and your citizens will both feel proud when looking back at the fruits of your labor, right? Quickly perform upgrade tasks, and available achievements and help the city grow to the top right away.