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The journey to find a child

Dadish is a story about a radish father who is on his way to find his son. The mischievous children got lost in the vegetable fields. He needs your help.

Dadish is like other platform running games, you will run and overcome all dangerous obstacles. Set in a garden, you'll need to help a radish dad find his lost son. Naughty children go far away and it takes a lot of effort to find them. They hide in vegetable fields or jump out on high walls, etc. There are many cases that occur at each level. He has a lot of children so by winning a level you have helped him rescue one. Along the way, he will splash through a sewer, get lost in the desert, ride a dolphin, and meet more friends. This is an exciting journey you cannot miss.

Out of danger during the trip

In this radish father's quest to find children, there will be many enemies standing in the way. You need to press Space to jump and pass along with AD key to navigate. Don't forget to collect stars, unlock secrets, and enjoy playful background music in over 50 exciting levels. You will discover many strange new lands and make many new friends. Use your spare time and join the journey to reunite the Dadish family.