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DiceFootBall King

About DiceFootBall King

DiceFootBall King is a soccer is completely free on the phone. You will play soccer on a table and score the first three goals will win.

In this exhilarating game, players assume the role of a football coach and use their cunning to deceive rivals and guide their side to victory. Players throw a set of dice to decide their attacking and defensive actions for each turn. These rolls can result in the ball being moved down the field, making tackles, or even scoring touchdowns. Yet the game demands careful strategy and strategic thinking as much as a chance to succeed. If a player rolls a 6, the token can kick if it is on the golden tile; if not, the token moves onto the board. A goal is scored when a player kicks and the other player's token does not obstruct the location of the golden tiles. The location of the token is reset to its initial position if any player completes a task. When the game is on the line, players must make rapid judgments, predict their opponent's actions, and pick the appropriate plays at the right moment.

How To Control

Use your mouse to control and start rolling the dice to play the ball like in Soccer Random.