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Doge Miner 2

Welcome to Doge Miner 2 to make yourself rich. You will play as a dog who mines gold mines and creates a path to the moon with rockets.

About Doge Miner 2

You may now gather extra coins that drop at random when mining, as well as Dogebags that drop at random and include various goods such as better pickaxes and bronze doge coins. You can still employ Shibe workers and enslave legions of kitties to do your bidding and increase your Dogecoin creation rate if you don't want to mine the coins yourself. An additional bonus is the better equipment and upgrades available for your employees. During mining, you will discover bags full of gold money, objects that may be equipped to get benefits, and valuable jewels. Like Build A Road, let's keep an eye out for thieving cats that will come and steal your valuable resources. Before you can build a rocket to the moon, you must first grow and strengthen your Earth colony. Numerous improvements may be studied and acquired in order to boost the profitability of your mine and earn more and more gold. After your first rocket is completed, you may launch to the moon and construct a new colony to utilize the rich minerals there. But where will canine civilization's drive for interstellar conquest end? It's up to you to find out by exploring the planets of the solar system farther and further.

Doge Miner 2 Game Play

Use the mouse and control to get the dog to start on gold, get rich and fly to the moon and get some extra help.