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Dreadhead Parkour

Join the game Dreadhead Parkour

As you know Parkour games are dangerous acrobatic games. If you have not experienced then play Dreadhead Parkour to do them and overcome the challenge.

General introduction

In a town there lived a guy named Dreadhead, he was a special person. He likes adventurous things and he has many special skills. He loves acrobatics in the air and enjoys speed. He's passionate and he doesn't get tired. Play as him and see if you can do the parkour and still avoid danger along the way.


This is a multi-level game in Trap The Cat for you to play and experience. In each game screen, to win, players need to perform many different movements such as sliding, acrobatics, rotation, etc to reach the finish line. Besides you have to go gold coin income to become rich. You will then shop and unlock skins for the character. Characters will have more skills and become cooler.

Dangerous obstacles and tips

The dangers to face

Not simply parkour shots, in Dreadhead Parkour, the Dreadhead guy will have countless dangers to face. A series of challenges that you face in Jump Ball Adventure including bombs, spiny spins, and long jumps appear everywhere and in succession. All require quick reflexes and keen observation to avoid any collision. Dreadhead Parkour is like a fast-action environment and survival here takes a lot of technique.

Note for you

To do nice parkour, combine the up arrow and the right arrow and move forward. Remember to adjust the speed so that the character lands safely, if you can't stand and fall from above, you will also lose the game. Moreover, avoid the dangers correctly because each level will be a completely different obstacle for you. Those are deadly challenges that you need to overcome.

How to control

  • Forward = D and right arrow
  • Back = A and left arrow
  • Jump = W and up arrow
  • Slide = S and down arrow