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Drift F1

In the Drift F1 track, you will overcome countless dangerous turns. Show yourself as an excellent racer, collect coins, and reach the finish line fastest.

Surely everyone knows that F1 has a lot of bends and is very difficult to conquer, right? A race track and dangerous turns. As long as you do not pay attention to controlling the steering wheel quickly, you will fall down the cliff. It is a challenge that many people fail to conquer. Are top racers ready to take part in dangerous races in Drift F1?

Cross the track

In the suffocating race tracks, you cannot control the speed of your car. 35 levels with 35 different tracks and increasingly difficult challenges. The more you go, the faster the speed, without stopping. So you have to pay attention to the map and be quick to control the steering wheel when you reach the turn, otherwise, you will fall down the cliff and lose. Only when you ride to the finish line will you win. After reaching the finish line, you can also participate in other challenging races such as Turbo Moto Racer 3D, Dinosaur Game, Fall Boys, and Cat Runner to experience in your free time.

Controls Guide

Practice a lot and be patient to control the racing cars. It's also simple, you just need to control the mouse quickly when you see the turn. But it takes a long time to master collecting. Besides, collect a lot of coins along the way to be able to upgrade, change your favorite racing car, and improve your ranking on the leaderboard.