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Eddie Adventures


The fun of Eddie Adventures

The mechanics

Participate in Eddie Adventures to get interesting experiences. The game requests you to navigate Eddie boy to complete to conquer a thrilling adventure.

Eddie will start the adventure in the jungle. We will start running to complete the mission. He has the level up if he can reach the finish line.

However, on the track, there are many obstacles and challenging missions. First, Eddie will face a lot of small monsters. They can take your character's life instantly. To be able to save your life, you need to jump over them to dodge. You can also destroy them easily. Jump on top of them to remove them from the track. Control your character slide if you want them to fall off the track. Next, you must gather many coins. They will help you to boost your character. Don't miss them. Thirdly, you can break some bricks to get some power-ups. They can protect your character well. Finally, you need to reach the finish line. Try your best to continue your adventure in the game.

How to control

W or the up arrow key to jump.

S or the down arrow key to slide.

A or the left arrow key to go back.

D or the right arrow key to go forward.

The Tap button to attack.

The Foot button to run or increase speed.

The Big Foot to climb the wall.

Some tricks to win Eddie Adventures

You should not miss the power-up items. They can give your character new abilities like fire, ice, etc. Your character will be able to fight better against the monsters. You can use them to freeze others. Moreover, you also should gather explosive objectives to destroy some obstacles. Then, you can overcome them easily.