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Find Cat

The cat is hiding

Test your puzzle and reasoning skills in the care of a mischievous or hide-and-seek cat in Find Cat. Find like places chairs, wardrobes, etc, and feed them.

Do you like a simple single life and befriend a cat? After playing Find Cat you will have a different look. The scene will be a warm pink house. It's a place where only you and your petite cat live. Very cute gray and white cat. What's annoying is that it's so mischievous. Whenever you are not paying attention, it will be hiding all over the house. It can be anywhere like under the sofa, in the closet, out in the garden, etc. Your task is to find the mischievous cat, pass the level and receive the bonus.

How to find a cat?

Just like how you take care of a normal pet, if your pet hides a lot, where will you find it? Of course will bring food and order them right. Find and click on each corner to find the cat. You won't be able to tell where the cat is hiding and sometimes the objects you find will also help you. For example, if you find a toy in a cardboard box, it will also help you pull out the curiously hiding cat. Lean on the footprints and drag the playful cat outside and feed them.