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Fishing Frenzy


The attraction of Fishing Frenzy

The target of the level

Welcome to Fishing Frenzy to fish colorful fish in the ocean. In the allotted time, you need to earn the required amount by catching as many fish as possible.

Fishing is not hard work but it does require you to be patient. You need to wait for the right time to catch big and valuable fish. The fish you catch will be exchanged for money. You need to catch a lot of fish to be able to complete the target. Each level will require different targets. You need to earn a lot of money to be able to level up.

You will have to use your skills and experience to fish. You can only catch small fish. You can't catch sharks that are trying to eat your fish. You need to act before the sharks to win more fish. Good luck.

Some limits

While fishing, you need to keep an eye on the clock coming backward. There isn't much time for you to make money. So you need to fish fast unless the game is over. You can also collect clocks in the sea to add 10 seconds.

In addition, your number of worms is also limited. You need to use them effectively to get your job done. You should fish close together to avoid wasting worms. If you play well, you can get more worms and continue fishing.

Finally, you have five bombs. You can use them to catch many fish at the same time. You need to save them to finish a higher target. The game allows you to collect bombs. Do not ignore them.

How to control Fishing Frenzy

The left arrow key to go back.

The right arrow key to go forward.

Press the arrow key to release the fishing line.

Release the arrow key to pull up the fishing line.