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Four In A Row

Intro Four In A Row

Join the thrilling brain puzzle games in Four In A Row. Let's think about how in the allotted time to make four squares in line before your opponent wins.

In Four In A Row, you will get to choose your favorite color to represent the discs to play. You and your opponent will take turns dropping discs into the playing boards. You and your opponent will take turns dropping the disc by clicking on the rows you want. Whoever throws the discs in a straight line first wins. The falling discs will be stacked one after the other, so you need to be careful if you want to arrange the discs diagonally.

Modes in Four In A Row

Four In A Row game has many modes and challenging difficulties for you to choose from. Let's find out together

Online Player

In Online Player mode, you will be able to play online with friends and family. You can create your own public or private room and give the room ID to your friends. Or enter the available room IDs of your friends and join.

Two Player

This is the second mode in Four In A Row, you will be playing with a random opponent. They can come from anywhere and their skills are unpredictable. But don't be afraid, it will greatly increase your ability

Play Vs Computer

One final mode for you to test your calculation skills against AI. You will play along with the inanimate computer. But don't be complacent. They are programmed and very easy to guess your moves and block.

Common features in three modes

The board in all three modes has three sizes for you to choose from. The default size has 7 cells in a row and 6 cells in a column. A little bigger would be a stretch size with 9 rows and 4 columns. Finally a large size 9 x 6. Besides that, you can manually choose the conditions to win. Three in a row, four in a row, five and six in a row. If you choose three in a row, you only need to line up three squares to win. Four, five, and six in a row, respectively, are similar. The special thing is that you can, choose the time to think each turn by clicking the plus and minus icons in the Turn Seconds section. Have you chosen all the things you want and join this game yet?