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Jewel Pets Match


Some information about Jewel Pets Match

The game rules

You can enjoy many interesting challenges in Jewel Pets Match. The game gives you a lot of different targets, you must complete all to pass the level.

In the game, there are a lot of cute jewels which have lots of cute animals. They are arranged randomly in the cells on the board. To get more points, you will move the jewels to match the same jewels. You must match at least three of the same jewels to remove them from the playing field. The more jewels you remove, the more points you get.

Remember that you are not allowed to move jewels into empty cells. Empty cells in the game often create difficult challenges for you. You need to pay attention to them.

Finally, your moves are limited. Each level will have a different number of moves. If you use all moves, you lose. Conversely, if you complete the mission with some moves, they will be converted into points. As a result, your scores will increase significantly.

Some exciting targets

When joining the game, you will conquer a lot of targets. Each level will have a corresponding target. You will have to get the required number of points to complete the level. There are a few levels that require you to break wooden boards. You will move and match the jewels to be able to break them. Try to complete the task before running out of moves. In addition, the task of collecting power-ups is very interesting. Some power-ups only appear when you match 5 or 5 jewels. For example, if you want to get the rocket, you need to match 6 jewels. In addition, there are many special jewels. They can help you remove jewels in a row or a column. As a result, your scores will increase significantly. Try to get them. If your friends are keen on arcade games, you can invite them to join. Have fun.

Some kind of power-ups of Jewel Pets Match

Extra Moves

Use this power-up if you want to have more moves. You should only use it when you have exhausted moves. You will have one more move. So you need to take advantage of the last move to complete the mission. You will have to redeem quite a few points to get this power-up, so you need to use it effectively.


You can lose any jewels if you use the Chopsticks. After removing a jewel, new jewels will appear. Then, you can complete the level perfectly. Why don't you use it? To own this power-up, you also exchange your scores. How many chopsticks can you get?

School of fish

You can chase away some random pet jewels by using the School of Fish. It is said that this power-up is the best. They can create more chances to clean up the board. If you can purchase them, you can meet the target quickly. The power-up has a high price. You need to win many levels and accumulate your scores.