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Lhama Clicker

About Lhama Clicker

Welcome to an entertaining game with a cute camel in Lhama Clicker. Here, you need to create small camels to shop to change the appearance of the Lhama camel.

Joining the game in Lhama Clicker is playing a game with camels. On the main screen, there is a cute camel named Lhama with a lip showing teeth and eyebrows. It looks funny and silly. In this light entertainment game, you need to shop and change their appearance. Especially since this is a camel world, everything will also be traded with baby camels. Play this relaxing game and create impressive achievements with cute Lhama camels in your own world.

Gameplay of Lhama Clicker

Everything requires the use of baby camels in exchange. Read on to find out how you can create camels and what items are available for purchase.

Create camels

Creating a camel is very simple, you will just need to click on the Lhama camel. Each click creates a camel. When you play, please click on Lhama quickly. On the playing screen, there will be a round bar with x1, and x2 divided by the corresponding line to multiply the number of camels per your click. The faster the clock speed, the number of x turns will increase. If you find it too slow and need to speed up, spend money and click on Clicker, Lhama Farm, and Lhama Stable boxes. It will help you automatically generate Lhama uncles without having to click a lot when busy. You can buy these aids multiple times, but each purchase will increase the price.

Items you can buy

  • Skin: every time you create a fixed number of camels you will unlock different camel colors like black with 1000 Lhama
  • Backgrounds: a variety of backgrounds for you to choose from. For example, if the background clouds, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Lhama Hat: a person with personality, so you can also make your Lhama look cooler with a variety of hats.