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Lucky Laugh

Introduction to Lucky Laugh

Do you want to try creating faces in Lucky Laugh? Face parts will appear and hide when you put them. Let's play and see what the face you create looks like.

If you are a person who loves to laugh and has a passion for creativity and painting, this game will be very suitable for you. When playing the game, you will have control over each part of the face. The eyes, nose, and lips will appear in turn. You need to put them in place on the face. The main difficulty is that every time you place them, they will be hidden. But it creates excitement in the game because we don't know what face we make. If the parts of the face change, the whole face will change. When even misplaced, it also creates humor. It is not until you put each part in a place that the whole face appears.

Guide To Play

In Lucky Laugh to arrange the positions on the face, you should observe each part that appears on the screen and then use the mouse to drag on the places you want on the face. When you have pulled all the parts, the face appears and you can see your results. You will have to laugh as hard as the smiling girl on the screen you created.