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Mad Cat

General introduction about Mad Cat

Mad Cat is a fun destructive game with a cat. You play as a hyperactive cat and destroy everything in the house. You need to avoid the chase of the hostess.


  • A golden cat: you will play this naughty little cat. The cat is not too fat, so it runs very fast and is the fear of the owner.
  • Hostess: is a cat owner, but is allergic to cat fur. She always wears a mask and has a broom in her hand. Someone who always has to clean up the mess caused by cats. With a tall and thin body, she ran and chased the cat very fast.


This house has many things: a TV, table, chair, lamp, etc. You are an active cat, so you need to break things. The more items and expensive items you destroy, the more points you get. There will also be food and fruit in the house. Let's go and eat it to get more power.

Guide to Control the Cat

As soon as you click the Start button, you have entered a room with many objects. Use your mouse or hand to control the cat around. Cats can push objects into the open space outside the room or smash objects. You are free to smash vases, desks, refrigerators, etc to relieve stress with Mad Cat. Remember to eat more fruits like apples, and bananas to move faster. Especially do not let yourself be hit by the broom handle of the mistress. You will lose immediately. The boss moves very fast and the more objects you destroy, the easier it will be for the boss to find your location. Wish you and your cat will destroy everything in the room.