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Monster Tracks

Difficulty in Monster Track

It's time to steer a car in Monster Track through danger. Different race tracks that require to have experience in ramping and balancing are waiting for you.

Monster Tracks, developed by Martin Magni, is a thrilling driving game featuring Battle mode. You have to drive through dangerous roads with aerial movements. Contrary to other racing games, this game will give you the ability to go forward and backward and the car balance is very difficult. It can be overturned at any time, so it requires a lot of experience. You will need to overcome obstacles like spline bridges, cobblestones, logs, windmills, and ramps under every track will be a river. If there is a collision and you fall into the river, you lose. When you reach the finish line, you will receive a reward and pass a new level.

Gameplay of Monster Tracks


You will use your superhuman driving skills to be able to help this car overcome crazy races to the finish line. Get bonus coins and gold coin earnings along the way to get high scores and buy upgrades in the shop.

Guide play

When playing on the computer, use the LEFT arrow to brake and the RIGHT arrow to accelerate. Or simply left-click and release. For mobile or tablet, use the pedal icon to accelerate and brake at the bottom of the screen.