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The battle for food of the little mouse

Transform into a mouse and join the war for food in the desert with Mope.io. You are a small mouse, so you need to eat a lot of food before your opponents.

A food war between multiplayer in Mope.io is starting. This is a land with a lot of fruit and trees. You run around one turn and collect a lot of food. The more food you eat, the more you grow and get stronger. You must grow as fast as possible before being harmed by your opponent. This is a game of finding the champion at the top of the food chain.

Control the mouse to find food

When playing the game, you will move the mouse around and collect food. Go along the rivers where there are many fruit trees that help to grow faster. Red, green, etc berries contain a lot of nutrients for you to grow. The number of points you and your opponent earn is displayed in the left corner of the screen. If you are too young, try to eat as much as possible and stay away from competitors. Interestingly, in Mope.io there will be currently 117 playable animals. You will go from a mouse and grow gradually until you become a King Dragon, a healthy animal at the top of the food.