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Mr Gun

Dangerous Gunfight

Join a duel with the dangerous Mr Gun. On a gloomy staircase, every time you step up a ladder, you meet an opponent and quickly shoot them to win.

Participating in this battle, you will have to defeat the evil opponents on each step. Use your gun to aim at your opponents in the head to destroy them. Every time you kill, you jump up a new higher ladder and face another weird opponent. The dark surroundings were covered with gunfire, creating an eerie atmosphere. Can you defeat all the opponents and fight the bosses at the end of the level?

How to Control the Gun

The special thing about Mr Gun compared to other shooting games is that the gun that you control moves continuously. It rotates around your hand and forms arcs. Please calculate the shooting angle and reflectivity carefully then click to shoot. In addition, every time you shoot once, the opponent will also shoot. So, survivability and danger will increase when you don't hit the opponents. Kill the guards one by one and step up to fight the real villain bosses, are you ready?