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My Style Hotel Empire

Become a Hotel Manager

Try your hand at being a hotel owner with My Style Hotel Empire. Calculate to make your hotel big, make the guests happy, and make a lot of money.

What if you inherited the old and rundown hotel of your grandparents? Our girl Elsa in My Style Hotel Empire has been doing just that. But look at the way she fumbles with customer service. It can't go on forever, you need to help her now because she needs you. Let's rebuild it from scratch, remodel it, help it grow to be known by many people, and make a lot of money. You can expand your area more and more to increase awareness and become a good manager.

Steps of Hotel Development

To become a good manager, you must first understand the general situation of the hotel. First, you need to think about where to start renovating a rundown hotel. Then you can make the room yourself, match the furniture, and how be attractive and suitable for many guests. Serve them attentively when leaving they will check out and give a lot of tips. Do everything to earn money and overcome difficulties for hotels with just mouse clicks on the screen. There will be times when you will be busy during peak hours. Trust me, try and you will succeed.