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Narrow One


The story in Narrow One

Do you like a challenging archery competition? At Narrow One you will show off your archery skills to steal your opponent's flag in a multiplayer arena.

Narrow One brings you crazy archery for hours of entertainment. You can play with your friends to form a team with a code. Or if you're confident with your archery, you can play solo with players everywhere. All you need to do is defend the castle, destroy it, and take the enemy team's flag. Aim accurately and have a combination with your teammates on each battlefield to be able to win. Join an intense match and need to react quickly or you will lose.

Character control

  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • Space: dance
  • Left mouse: shoot

Highlights in Narrow One

  • 15 3D maps, different locations to compete
  • 6 types of bows to upgrade
  • More than 30 types of melee weapons
  • Over 200 character skins and skins
  • Opponents are always changing
  • Many special strategies
  • Fast-paced
  • Play in first person with high realism