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Playful Kitty

About Playful Kitty

Playful Kitty is a fun puzzle game with a cat. You will find ways to break the surrounding obstacles to roll the wool down to the bored cat.

Kitty the cat is bored and she only plays one ball. With his beloved thread ball, Kitty has a special connection and frequently plays with it. Before your cat will pick up his favorite ball of thread, there are a few steps that must be taken. Because that ball was blocked by obstacles and could not fall to the right place for the cat. Kitty the cat is constantly urging you. Let's be quick. Certain wood or block fragments will disappear when you click on them. You will be able to roll the ball and cause it to land near your cat thanks to this ability. When removing the appropriate barriers to cause the wool to fall, timing is everything. Collect all three coins in each level to make the cat happy. You can explore the game's numerous levels, each of which has a unique level. To advance in level, break bricks as you go and gather coins. Note one thing that Kitty has no patience, make sure you can get that spool of wool for them, otherwise, they will get angry and leave immediately. You certainly wouldn't want to see the sad look on the cat's face when it left you, would you?

How To Control

Use your mouse and click on the cells you want to place.