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Puper Ball

Your Mission in Puper Ball

Are you ready for a soccer match in Puper Ball with the spooky doll Squid as the goalie? Let's overcome difficulties, and shoot lots of balls into the goal.

Have you seen the Squid Game and know the scary doll that kills people and still smiles? When you play Puper Ball you will participate in a soccer competition with that doll as a goalkeeper. Forget the fear, try to score as many points as possible. The way to score is still the same as in normal football games, you need to kick the ball into the net as much as possible. This is also quite difficult when you have opponents wearing round, square, and triangle masks that will steal the ball and block your ball pass. Not to mention the keeper doll is very big and can catch your ball very easily. Are you ready to join this thrilling challenge?

How to control

To win in Puper Ball, you must master using the mouse to control the character. How to help the character run fast, avoid opponents, and overcome dangers to shoot the ball into the goal. The more you shoot, the more money you get and you can upgrade your kicks, shields, etc to pass difficult levels.