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Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is an action game with battle tanks. You have to take down your opponents, run away from the rising water and survive to the end.

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In this fast-paced shootout, robot tanks are the vehicle of choice, with the objective of outlasting competitors. To level up, complete all of the goals in your goals list. Before the game begins, leveling up grants you access to stronger perks and weaponry such as rapid-fire, a shield, more ammunition, and more. Dig underground passageways to conceal yourself and search for hidden wealth while avoiding rising floods. To make your weapons better, use the treasure you collect. possess a complex gameplay that will require practice to master. The final tank standing will only be the greatest players' ability! The game includes an online leaderboard, competitive seasons, a store with lots of goods, goals you can work towards to earn prizes, and the option to play alongside friends in the same games. Complete every goal on your goals list to level up. Leveling up gives you access to stronger perks and weaponry from the beginning of the game, such as rapid-fire, shield, additional ammunition, and more. This can also be accelerated by using green gems.

Rocket Bot Royale Control

Similar to the fighting game Desert Run, first to control you use the ASDW keys to move to the opponent. Then, slowly move the mouse to aim and left a click to destroy the opponent. This powerful fighting game requires meticulous observation and clever calculation techniques. Have a happy time.