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The familiar Roshambo game

Roshambo is a familiar game also known as Rock Paper Scissors. You can play against AI or play with your friends and win if you get the first 3 points.

About Roshambo

Roshambo is also known by the familiar name Rock Paper Scissors. This is a folk game with two players. Both people will clasp hands together and chant Rock Paper Scissors and start spreading their hands at the same time to see who wins. In Roshambo, you can choose to play against the AI in 1-player mode or play with friends in 2-player mode.


  • If you go to Rock, which means your hand is clenched, you will lose to Paper but win to Scissors. Because the stone will be covered by Paper and can cause the Scissors to be crushed.
  • You spread your index and middle fingers and you're out Scissors. You will win Paper but lose Rock.
  • You choose Paper and you will spread all 5 fingers. Paper babbled and won Rock and lost when he was cut by Scissors.

Whoever gets 3 points first wins the game.

How to play

  • Press the J/A key: Scissors
  • Press the K/S key: Paper
  • Press the L/D key: Rock