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Hunting in Shark.io

The battle for survival is everywhere, but have you experienced it with your own eyes? Shark.io will show you the fierceness of being a small shark and hunting.

As everyone knows, animals that want to get food have to compete very fiercely. Especially under the sea. Big fish will eat small fish, this is a rule of survival. In the game, you will be a small shark that begins to learn how to hunt. This is a beautiful sunny day. The light shines on the sea's surface and small ripples. Everyone brought floats to the beach and schools of fish swimming around. This is the right time for your shark to start feeding

Learn to hunt

Around you are rays, anglerfish, starfish, etc. Move the mouse there and eat them because they are smaller than you. You can even come to the surface and eat people lying in the sun. Besides, it is necessary to stay away from larger fish if you do not want to become their food. That's why you need to try harder to become big and conquer all species. At the top of the marine life chain and in no danger of harming anyone. An undersea killer you can do?