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Silly Ways To Die

Rescue The Stupid Characters

Silly Ways To Die is an extremely fun game for you to both entertain and work your brain. Join the game and help the characters in the game not die.

Just start clicking and start playing, and you will definitely see cute baby characters with big heads and small limbs. Maybe they are facing dangers like scorpions, flames ready to burn them. Your mission is to rescue them, help them be safe, and can't have random deaths.

Ways to the Rescue

The way to rescue these poor characters from death is also very easy. You just need to use the mouse and click and drag the dangers. Let's look at each specific case to be able to make a decision. For example, when our cute characters encounter scorpions, you just need to use the mouse to quickly click on each one to chase them away. In Silly Ways To Die, there will be countless mini-games equivalent to each puzzle you need to solve to be able to complete the task. Rescuing a successful survivor will get you 100 points. What you need to pay attention to, you only have three lives, if you don't complete the mission you will lose one life. You will win if there are calculation, observation, and quick reflexes. I hope you can get as many high marks as possible.