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Skate Rush Challenge

Quests to do in Skate Rush Challenge

Skate Rush Challenge brings exciting skateboarding with a naughty boy. You must control him to collect as many gems as possible to purchase other skins.

You will become a skater in this game. The game requests you to skateboard through the challenging terrains that are set up at the school. You must face a lot of traps while trying to skateboard. You must jump over the spikes to save yourself. In addition, when encountering some big holes, you should take advantage of the power-ups to overcome them. Remember that you do not allow crashing into your teacher. If you collide with her, you will be caught.

Moreover, you also complete other tasks. First, you have to collect the gems. You can use them to change your skin. There are many attractive characters in the shop for you. So, try to accumulate as many gems as possible to buy them. Second, you must collect the keys. They can help you to unlock other worlds where there are various eye-catching graphics.

How to play

  • Click the left mouse to help the character jump.
  • Double-click the left mouse to create lands.