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Skateboard Master

Skateboarding race with many opponents

Skateboard Master will bring you relaxing skating moments. Step on the skateboard, glide through all the obstacles and get a score with high speed.

Stepping into Skateboard Master, you will join many opponents at the same skating rink. Everyone is a skilled skater. You too, stand on the skateboard, stand confidently to show your ability to perform acrobatics. You can spin in the air and rotate the skateboard under your feet with just mouse movements. Very simply, the character will follow your actions when you hold the mouse and rotate left to right. On this skating rink, you must try to go as far as possible and outrun all opponents, without colliding with obstacles.

Character Unlock

The farther you go, the more money you will earn. You can choose another character to have more novelty. But those characters need to be exchanged for quite a bit of money. You can choose from Sports Girl, Robot, Hip-hop Girl, or Christmas Girl. It will cost about 200 gold coins for each character. Although the girls do not have any special skills, they will make you stand out from the competition.

Note when skateboarding

There will be a green speed board along the way and it helps you to go faster. Avoid red boards as they will slow you down. If you move too much on these boards, your character will stop and the race will end. Besides, the ramps can help you climb to get ahead of other players.