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Slope Run

Space Tunnel in Slope Run

In Slope Run, there will be an exciting race with many challenges waiting for you. Control a rolling ball in a 3D space tunnel and avoid all obstacles.

More precisely this is an endless and dangerous dark slope. Your ball will be inertial rolling downwards. It will face a multitude of dimensional holes. You control it to keep it from falling into the endless black universe. Besides there are fragile brown platforms, you just need to accidentally enter, and you and the ball will also fall. There are so many dangers hidden, but this road contains a lot of gold coins for you to earn and become rich. Are you ready to experience dangerous speeds?

How to Control The Ball in Slope Run

You will have to control your ball in space with arrow keys. The game will have two modes Infinite and Level Mode. Play both you need to avoid dangers and collect gold with the left, and right arrow keys. To jump up, press the up arrow key. Next, always keep your hands on those keys to control your ball before any situation. Just accidentally fall into a cosmic black hole you will lose and play again from the beginning. Wish you master the speed and master these difficult races.