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Smash Karts

Racing in Smash Karts

Do you want to join a multiplayer car race? Play now Smash Karts and eliminate different opponents from everywhere and win the 3-minute race. In Smash Karts, you will be participating in an endless 3D race track. You and many players from all over the world will appear on the track with cute cars and many reward boxes.

Missions in Smash Karts

In this Smash Karts track you and everyone are rivals. The track will only last for three minutes and you need to be the one to survive to the end. Make your opponent's cars explode. This is not simply a level competition, this is a game for everyone to destroy each other.

Control the racing car

To move the car in the track, use the ASDW keys. Drive the car away and fight the opponents. Run fast for 3 minutes and be the last one to survive. You will be the winner with lots of money.

Several ways to destroy opponents

To destroy the opponent, you need to quickly take advantage of the help items.

Question mark gift box

Along your track, there are many colorful question mark gift boxes. You need to move the car to the gift box to earn. There will be a lot of power for you. For example cannons, etc. The more powerful weapons you have, the faster you destroy opponents.

Racing car upgrade

One of the subjective ways to victory in addition to skillful car control, you also need to upgrade the car to become more and more dangerous with many weapons. Use the money you earn and change your appearance to scare your opponents.