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Snowy Road

The Scenery in Snowy Road

A ball is falling downhill amid thick layers of snow in a forest on Snowy Road. Let's control the ball to fall without hitting the pine tree along the way.

In the middle of a cold white snow forest, we will see a small red ball stand out. Like all winter skiers, the red ball is also following the snow slope and sliding down. It is going on a joyful journey of its own. But in the forest, there are always dangerous things. Along the path of the red ball, there are always tall green pine trees. And yet there are other dangerous objects in the forest. Please help the red ball slide safely to the bottom of the goal.

How to Overcome Obstacles

With agility control the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the ball. You have to be really sharp and quick to be able to let the ball not collide. Besides, the speed of rolling is getting faster and faster, and dangerous things to appear more and more, which is a challenge for you. I am sure you will overcome these difficulties with the ball and get high scores.