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Soccer Skills Champions League

Choose your team and enter the field

Soccer Skills Champions League offers the thrill of real competition. Run, steal the ball, and kick the ball into the net to bring the team victory.

Football is known by many people as the king sport, right? You want to participate in dramatic matches in the seasons. Soccer Skills Champions League will make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate any longer without choosing your team and playing right away. The teams of countries like Austria, England, Germany, etc all have different strengths and different colors. Choose the country you want to play and win. Then began to participate in the thrilling playing field.

Game modes and truth

Two game modes

In Soccer Skills Champions League there are two game modes for each player

  • Practice: this is the mode for you to practice, you will also play. But these are just the beginning exercises to get you used to it. It's for beginners to learn kicks and skills.
  • Play Cup: When you are confident in expressing yourself, then let's compete with your teammates to bring home the glory with the championship cup for your country.

The truths in the game

Did you find that the two modes are very similar to real-life matches? Our players also started to practice, and prepare to play well before going to the tournament. The competition in the Soccer Skills Champions League also has 11 matches, which is equivalent to playing against 11 teams of different strengths. Knockout wins round by round and gets to the finals and wins the cup. Each match will also last two halves of 45 minutes each with corners, etc. like a real game. Every time you kick the ball into the net, you will also get a full view of your great shot. A special thing is that the audience under the stands is also very attentive to watch and cheer for you. Has the excitement of victory made you want to play right away?

How to Win the championship cup

The more goals you score, the closer you are to the championship. In each match, you need to control the kick force of the character to make the ball go in the right direction. You just need to use your mouse and finger to start dragging, moving to adjust the direction, and releasing so that the character on the field has a green light to shoot. The longer you drag, the farther the ball will be passed. You can pass the ball directly into the net or pass it to your teammates. Everyone wants to score so you won't have time to rest and think. All you need to do is steal the ball and shoot. Score as many goals win against each opponent of each country, and you will win the championship.