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Stack Builder Skyscraper

About Stack Builder Skyscraper

Welcome to the Stack Builder Skyscraper game, this is a construction game, where you will play as a builder and you need to build skyscrapers.

Are you ready for a great experience in the Stack Builder Skyscraper game? This game is quite simple, you use available materials to build skyscrapers. You will get points when you connect the floors of the building together. If they connect just right then you will get a higher score.

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How to play

You use the mouse to control the game. The floors of the building are being suspended by cranes in the air. You have to align so that the building connects to each other as completely as possible. You will lose when the building collapses, so control carefully. If you get stuck, there are options to help, line aim, and slow down.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.