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Super Fighters

About Super Fighters

Super Fighters is a classic fighting game that is loved by many people. In the game, you will play as a warrior and fight with many powerful enemies.

Try to participate in fierce battles with Super Fighters, you will not be disappointed. With sharp 2D visuals and added realistic sound, you will surely be hooked on these fierce, lifelike battles. The majority of the time, even total beginners can pick up and have fun with party games within a minute or two. Most of the time, even beginners are completely drawn into the battle because if you don't act fast, you will be completely destroyed by your opponent. Besides, the game will let you experience the battles in accordance with the historical original. There will also be a cute dialogue between the characters but you can skip it. For example, a mismatched squad of soldiers tries to overthrow the Nazi regime during World War II. You will be the brave soldiers to destroy them. AI troopers can aim in any direction and can even disarm the player. They have a lot of health points. It's a pretty challenging ride, so don't anticipate a smooth one. Therefore, when participating, prepare a steel spirit as well as powerful weapons in the inventory. Due to the levels' abundance of ladders, lifts, crates for cover, and explosive barrels for pyrotechnics, it is stunning to watch skilled players engage in combat. The special thing is that you can play with your friends in two-player mode and become each other's companions or opponents.

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How To Control

Arrow keys or AWDS will help you to move. When meeting an opponent, press the M key and shoot.