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Tennis Physics

Matches in Tennis Physics

Are you ready for a tennis match with the stickmen in Tennis Physics? Try to get 5 points to win. Play the game and enjoy the moments of intense competition.

For those who love tennis, you cannot ignore Tennis Physics. This is a 2-player game that gives you the feeling of being in a real competition. You will be playing with the smart CPU pre-programmed skills in single-player mode. Just like other games, in two-player mode, you can play with your friends and loved ones to enjoy comfort. In both modes, if you want to win, you need to get 5 points before your opponent. Will you try to play and become a super-talented tennis player?

How to control the character

Hit the balls to the side of the opponent's net, they can't hold it, let the ball fall to the ground and you will get a point. Try to throw 5 points you will win. If you play two-player mode in Tennis Physics and you need to pay attention to the W key for one player to control the character. Player two will use the arrow keys. Good luck.