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The Baby In Yellow

The Kid In A Yellow T-shirt

Welcome to the scary kid in The Baby In Yellow. As a nanny, you have to take care of this baby for five days and nights in this horror game.

To make money, you worked as a babysitter for a family. Especially how this baby always wears a striking yellow shirt. The baby always has big round gentle eyes. You still do the right tasks like changing diapers, changing diapers, etc but everything happens when it's dark. There will be some strange things happening like the baby being changed by you, then a moment later you will come back and you will see the baby on the stairs. That kid acted scary and too fast. You will hardly be able to predict what he is about to do next. It may look like he is sleeping soundly, but that is not the case. Are you scared when this weird baby's eyes suddenly change color and smile in a scary way?

Overcome The Baby In Yellow

You have been hired to be a nanny and take care of this child for five nights. Those five nights last as long as your five horrifying years. You will have two options, one is to run away, and the other is to face the baby in the yellow shirt. To overcome the fear, take good care of the baby. The tasks you are assigned are displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Try to complete it and move the mouse and use the arrow keys to look around and move. Try to make it through five nights with that freaky kid and unlock more secret features.