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Thief Puzzle

Become Stickman Thief

Become a thief with ultimate intelligence in Thief Puzzle. In the game, you will have to face difficult puzzles to steal the objects you want.

In the game, you are a stickman with a long arm and a sharp brain. You have a good arm, that's to your advantage. Use flexibility to steal valuables. You can steal anything from anyone on the street. Take the time when they are not paying attention and pull their own arm and steal. Every time you complete a mission, you will receive a reward, unlock through the level, and go to steal a new item from the newbie. The more you steal, the richer you are. So join the quests and puzzles to become a rich thief and scare everyone.

Steps To Steal

To make a successful heist, you need to perform and calculate carefully. It requires you to use your brain and quick intelligence. To make it easier to visualize, do it in the following order:

Find the item you want to steal

The items you want are displayed in a white frame that appears on the screen. You have to see where the item you want is located, and with whom. It could be the phone in the hand of a female friend, money in the hand of an old man, etc. For any valuable items, please pay attention and put them in sight.

Find ways to solve puzzles and steal

You have identified the item and its owner. Now what you need to do is determine the path to pull the stickman's hand to steal the item. Then, take the mouse and stretch your hand out. Note that the stickman's hand can only pull straight lines. You have to find all the related items to make a hook to make it as easy to steal as possible.

Successful theft and running away

Of course, while stealing, if your arm hits the owner of the item, it is considered unsuccessful. That person will recognize your presence and arrest you. So, after successfully getting the item, run as fast as you can if you don't want to be caught.