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Intro about Threes

Threes is a puzzle game with numbers. You just need to merge numbers of the same value to double the value and get points. Let's see how big a number you make.

Similar to 2048, you will be free to reason to match numbers. Your task is still to create larger numbers from the available numbers. You still have to match the same numbers together. The special thing about Threes is that you have cells 1,2 and 3. 1 can only be paired with 2 to get a 3 box, and from box 3 onwards can match the same cells. Based on your own ability and calculation, the more high numbers you can match, the more points you will get.

To Pull Numbers in Threes

You have to drag the numbers to merge them into a bigger number right? Dragging is also very simple. You use your finger to swipe on the screen if playing on the phone. When playing on the computer, use the mouse and drag. You move left right up and down to merge numbers as well as create more small numbers to be able to make more moves. On this 4*4 board, when your cells are full, there is no path, you will lose. Let's see how big of a number you can make and how many points you can get.