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Tiny Fishing

Relaxing fishing time

Tiny Fishing will bring you relaxing fishing moments in your free time. Shake the hook and see how many fish you can catch and how much money you can get.

Like every other game, even the name Tiny Fishing tells you what you'll need to do. Unlike racing sports or soccer, here, you just sit back and relax. You will play an old man and sit on a boat to fish in the river. The sky is clear and sunny, very suitable for fishing a lot and enjoying the scenery, right? Enjoy these exciting moments now.

How to catch fish?

In Tiny Fishing, the fishing process is very simple and there are also helpers to help you fish quickly

How to make fish bite the hook

When playing the game you will not need bait to fish, you just need to use the mouse and move the hook to the fish swimming in the river. The fish will bite and you will get money. Different fish species will give you different amounts of money. The deeper the fish, the more money. Pay special attention to the occasional goldfish, you will get 100 gold coins.

Some help items

To get a lot of money you can only fish deeper. So use the money you have to upgrade the fishing rod. The fishing rod after upgrading can both catch more fish at the same time and be longer. If you are lucky, you will catch mysterious treasure chests. The more you work hard, the more rewards you will receive. Don't wait to join fishing right away.