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Trap The Tiger

About Trap The Tiger

Trap The Tiger is a completely free entertaining puzzle game. Figure out how to trap the tiger in the boxes you marked so it doesn't get out and you win.

Tiger Trap! Have you tried it yet? The ferocious tigers are messing up a lot more and more, affecting your life. Just trap and trap it. This puzzle game was created with the Circle the Cat video game as inspiration. Click on the bright tiles to make them darker, then try to catch the tiger within the 6 dark squares. This seems a lot easier than it is. But of course, tigers are not gentle either. They will watch when you are not paying attention and will find a way to escape. When you press a button, the tiger will walk in the other way to leave the screen. While playing Trap The Tiger, you will get the sense of being captured in a tiger trap. Begin the tactical struggle against Tiger, beat it, and make it flee to the next level. Be very alert, and look around carefully before clicking. Tigers are very cunning, so you may fall into their trap. Such a good brain training game, let's play with friends.

How To Control

Think carefully and click to set the tiger trap.