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Tunnel Rush

Dangerous Tunnels in Tunnel Rush

An endless run in Tunnel Rush has attracted a lot of players. You should also try to join and experience the danger and speed of this neon tunnel.

Why does Tunnel Rush attract so many players? The reason is that this colorful 3D tunnel is limitless with true-to-life experiences. Joining the game you will have the feeling of running in the deep attractive slopes. There is no end point and only speed. The deeper you run, the faster the speed will be and rotate around 360 degrees. It gets you hooked on it and with the sensational music as well. This is definitely a new experience for you.

Win the dangerous Tunnel Rush

Since this is an infinity tunnel with no stops, you need to run as far as possible without hitting the obstacles.

Obstacles encountered

In the Tunnel Rush tunnel, you will have to avoid three obstacles that continuously appear

  • Rectangular Bar: it has the shape of a stick, long and small. It divides the tunnel in half in a straight line. They move constantly so this is a dangerous obstacle.
  • Triangle block: it is triangular in shape and can very easily be avoided because it is stationary.
  • Semicircle: this is a large block that takes up half the screen. It has to be clever to avoid.

Avoid danger and win

Like many other games, to win you will need to use the arrow keys to move yourself without colliding with obstacles. This is a speed game so the further you go, the faster and harder to control. It will have a record table for you and other players to compete on the leaderboard. When you start playing, your total distance traveled along with your m/s speed will be displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Practice hard and play a lot and you will break existing records. I believe you can.