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Donut Stack

About Donut Stack

Donut Stack is a donut restaurant management game. You will serve with stacks of long cakes according to your guests' favorite flavors without delay.

You can only participate in the brand-new doughnut game's entertaining running competitions. You will play the manager of a Donut restaurant. Go collect ingredients and make cakes. You will have to measure so that the cakes do not burn due to overheating. At the signal, your doughnut game will begin sliding down the road while gaining speed. Watch the donut-making contests with anticipation. As your hero advances through the board game of doughnuts, there will always be fresh obstacles for them to overcome. If he goes over the line, you lose the round. Note one thing before you start to deliver the cakes, you should arrange them according to the color flavors requested by the customer. Many people looking at this will see this as more like a running competition than an employee delivering donuts. The game is very captivating and will hone your focus and quickness. Will you be successful and deliver the cake to the customer on time and earn a lot of money?

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Game Play

ASDW keys to run and enjoy.