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Drift 3

Join the thrilling Drift 3 race and compete with every opponent on the leaderboard. Play and practice your skills to survive this dangerous race.

A Drift 3 racing competition

In Drift 3, you will not have to participate in dangerous races alone. This competition has 8 players, and of course, you will face 7 different opponents and increasing the level of pressure. The drift race track has always been known for its slippery roads and dangerous turns. Join and challenge yourself.

Your task

Step into the Drift 3 track similar to the Drift F1, Stickman Hook, Dinosaur Game, and Snowball.io tracks, and you will have to be the winner to the end. It's fierce competition to win. You just have to run, control the car and have to push the opponent along the way to fall down the cliff. Your opponent can do the same to you, so pay attention. And yet, if you meet, the right turns and turn the steering wheel immediately, otherwise you will also lose the game because the car will plunge straight into the cliff. Along the way, try to collect gold coins as much as possible to be able to upgrade and change the racing car to your liking.

Drift 3 Guide

The game is completely free to play on phones and computers. You can experience these extreme races and win with just the press of a button and drag and drop with the left mouse button or simply use your hand to scroll across the screen to control the racing car while playing on your phone. Overcome all opponents and be the last survivor of the races you will win and unlock the next difficult racing levels.

Tips: Each level is a different track and the difficulty also increases, make sure you pay attention to the map with warning turns. In addition, when approaching an opponent, quickly close and push them, or they will push you. A good racing car will make it easier and easier to control and overcome challenges easily so spend your coins wisely and equip your racing car after each match.