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Freddy Run 1

Freddy Run 1 is a horror game about Freddy's dreams. He was lost in a castle with many traps and bloodthirsty monsters chasing him. Let's help him escape.

A horror chase is going on

Freddy played a game before going to bed and when he went to sleep, he was the one who got lost in that game. Abandoned old castles with spider webs and flickering lights scared him. Freddy is too young and he needs your help. The game's action takes place within a spooky castle filled with perilous traps and terrifying monsters trying to get you. The only thing you can do is flee. While rushing through the castle halls, you will have to jump over various ground-level hazards such as spikes, revolving blades, or deep holes, as well as a slip under or fire at oncoming opponents.

Game Play

To succeed in this game, you must be able to run with the up and down arrows on your keyboard Run away from all your inner terrors. It feels like playing Super Fighters, Zombs.io, Subway Surfers, and Granny, running as fast as possible has a chance to survive. And yet, in the game, there are five levels, and in each level, you will have to face Soul Catcher, a killer with a death scythe that is always chasing you. You can use the X key to shoot such bloodthirsty monsters. Otherwise, along the way, you should earn enough 100 gold coins and can exchange them for life for yourself.