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Ninja Escape

Are you looking for a free action game? Try Ninja Escape now and you will be able to show your top skills against samurai opponents and dangerous obstacles.

Become a ninja

Are you a fan of the ninjas in your favorite cartoons? Now, when you come to Ninja Escape, you are completely transformed and have the ability of a real ninja. You have to negotiate obstacles through as many rooms as you can. Avoid boiling lava, machinery that might crush you, firearms that can fire bullets, activated lasers that are aimed at you, and a variety of other dangers. It's like when you play Stickman Hook, Bingo Solo, Basket Random, and Retro Bowl with intense matches. Don't stress too much, along the way you can collect useful items such as invisibility, increased combat power, etc. Avoid all the dangers, then you will move on to more difficult levels, those items are great advantages for you.

Game Control

As a ninja, being quick and agile in every step is a very important thing. If you delay, you might die, so control your hero ninja with ASDW keys or arrow keys fast. This will be a game that makes you feel very excited to watch.