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About Platfoban

Platfoban is a puzzle game with tough challenges. In the dark dungeon and maze-like passage, you have to go collect all the gold coins and win.

Are you familiar with the name “Sokoban”? It is a popular platform game in the 90s. Now you will completely experience that game again for free right on your phone or computer with Platfoban. Platfoban initially appears to be a typical platformer: a dungeon, a character impatiently hopping on the screen in one corner, and a shiny gold coin on the wall. However, the game has more to offer, as you quickly discover, particularly at the next level. Chests are also a mysterious element appearing in the game. There are two game modes, and in reality, it is more of a puzzle game than a platformer, so you must consider your moves carefully. Calculate the path carefully or you will be fooled into the traps and lose the game. The game has two modes for you to choose from. One is Platforming and the other is Sokoban. Of course, in both modes, you will definitely have to collect coins and find a way out to the next level. In the platform mode, you can run, jump, and collect coins; in the Sokoban mode, you can move crates as well as coins and go anywhere. It's not that simple. The chests that are just lying around start to come to life in the Sokoban mode and transform into bloodthirsty monsters that start chasing you and can even swallow you! You are also completely assured to handle them if you encounter them. Before they get out, try to push the falling boxes into acidic liquids. You should also keep an eye out for some coin locations that may also be shielding you from surrounding dangers.

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Game Play

Q, shift to change modes, and arrows are used for movement.