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General introduction about Roper

Help the character in Roper find his way home. In the game, there are more than 100 levels and that means 100 different challenging stages. Can you get over it?

Roper is currently one of Fancade's new games. Thanks to interesting features and eye-catching color graphics, it is being sought by many players. It is enhanced with 100 different levels and challenges that make players go from surprise to surprise. The main character that the player controls is a beautiful little white rabbit that is lost. You will guide him to run and jump and avoid the platform in the way. This is like 100 difficult journeys for our cute little bunny character. The bunny needs to find his way home and will you help him? Just jump and collect coins along the way and go to the destination to pass each way.

Complete quests in levels

Pass the level

To Roper, you just need to use the mouse and click to let the rabbit jump and he will run to the end of the road and reach the destination. Jump over bridges, swing, etc to go. Just run to the finish line and collect all the coins in the level to successfully complete the level. Each level is a separate map with its own direction, so players will not be bored and use many different skills. One note is that you cannot let the rabbit fall into the water. You will have to play again from the beginning of the level.


Timing is crucial in this adventure. Jump precisely at the right moment to avoid perilous and sharp traps that can end your journey abruptly. Please analyze and judge so that the rabbit can go in the right direction. Use your wit and skill to throw a vine and swing between distant platforms, instructing you never to plunge into the treacherous waters below.

Who created Roper?

This game was developed by Martin Magni and belongs to one of the more than 100 games and challenges on Fancade- it's time to enjoy! After completing the challenges in the game, if you still want to continue doing adventurous challenges, try Dreadhead Parkour right at our Trap The Cat.