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Save My Pets

Your lovely dog has angered the bees. If you love animals, play Save My Pets now so you can rescue the dog from bee stings and avoid dangers outside.

The Story Of Save My Pets

Let's test your brain and quickness with Save My Pets. The game has many levels for you to carry out the responsibility of rescuing your dog. When you play each level you are like solving a difficult puzzle. Because your favorite dog is being attacked a lot by swarms of ferocious bees. Also because it's too mischievous. But it is important that you do not protect your dog in time, it will be stung by a bee and die. You create a protective ring that can separate the dog from outside obstacles within 10 seconds, you will win.

Guide Play

The gameplay of Save My Pets is very similar to Platfoban, Friday Night Funkin', Drunken Archers Duel, and Stealing the Diamond. Completely free on phones and computers. You just need to use your hand or mouse control to draw on the screen protective circles for your dog.